Super Snack Discovery

This post is dedicated to the discovery of an amazing new snack I’ve been enjoying lately, here it is:

Wild Trail Popcorn Bars

Yes that’s right, snacky-cereal-type bars made with popcorn! I absolutely love popcorn, so these bars made by Wild Trail Foods are just so RIGHT. There are three different bars to chose from – I’ve taste tested them all and can safely say, whilst they’re all very enjoyable, the fruit and double nut is my favourite.

My local village store sells them, but apparently the popcorn bars are such a hit they’re even stocked by Harvey Nichols and Selfridges!

If you see them I urge you to try them – they are so much better than some of the bland cereal bars out there – truly something different.

Okay, that’s all…just had share this awesome tasty snack news!

Author: missdaze

I'm all about cups of tea, cheese & wine, vintage bits & pieces, writing things, my pet parrot & Tom.

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