The Rocky Road to Becoming a Chocolate Fan…

I’ve always maintained that I’m a savoury kind of girl…I’m far more likely to be tempted by slab of cheese than a slab of cake, and way more interested that crisps than chocolate – but just recently a little bit of chocolate love has entered my life…

It’s rocky road!

In particular I’ve been enjoying the bite-sized, cake-style pieces made by Cando Cakes that I picked up at my local village stores.  They’re simply delicious and dangerously moreish! In truth they’re a little bigger than bite-sized, guaranteeing that a bit of a mess is created when enjoying them – this only adds to the naughty indulgence I feel. I looked them up and it seems the reason they’re so good is the magical blend of Cadbury Dairy Milk, Mars Bars, Curly Wurly, Maltesers, Marshmallows, Kellogg’s Crunchy Nut and Raisins & Sultanas! What a combination!

All I can say is YUM and look you can buy them here.


Happy Eating!


Author: missdaze

I'm all about cups of tea, cheese & wine, vintage bits & pieces, writing things, my pet parrot & Tom.

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