Jubilee Weekend in Pictures….

Well here we are at the end of the four day weekend…went quickly didn’t it? Hope everyone had a fun filled few days…I know I’ll be glad to lay off the Pimms for a while!

Personally I love the Queen, she’s pretty much the only person who can really pull off  ‘matchy matchy’ – hat, dress, jacket and shoes all the same colour – no-one’s been able to pull that off for years, but the Queen somehow does.

the queen
All one colour and she’s working it!

I live on a street that took the Jubilee festivities pretty seriously – so it was bunting madness outside my house…

Busy with bunting!

Not wanting to be the only bunting free house in the street, I naturally trawled eBay for the best bunting I could find! There was no way I’d be beaten on the bunting front or even have the same bunting as anyone else…

These are handmade little wooden hearts – water resistant and cute!

Just one kind of bunting wasn’t quite enough though – had to get this quirky string too…

Look this one’s even got corgis on! Super cute!

The Pimms drinking begun following dinner on Saturday night…

We’d got through a fair amount in one post-midnight session

And when I make a Pimms I make it right, with all of the necessary trimmings…mint, cucumber, orange, lemon and strawberry!

Pimms o’clock!

An epic bacon sandwich and earl grey tea where required the next morning to get over the all of the festivities!

Hangover cure

Whilst we were all suffering too much to join in with the street party outside my house – I did do a little Jubilee inspired baking…

Strawberry buns

Last night I partook in the festivities at the Bugle Inn, Twyford (surprise!)…the pub was looking pretty patriotic!

God bless the Queen!

Predictably more Pimms was consumed here. There was also live music and a spectacular barbecue – I could dedicate a whole entry just to the food on offer it was a magnificent feast! On the grill there was organic meat from Laverstoke Park Farm, marinated monkfish, spicy mackerel, sardines, king prawns and much more! The salads, sauces and cous cous were fab too (these things are important to a barbecue!). We did queue for an hour for the food but I think it was pretty well worth it in the end. However due to the queuing and my extreme appetite once I did get to the food, I simply got stuck in, so no photos of this fabulous feast were taken unfortunately…but imagine the best barbecue ever and times it by ten!

Must also give a mention to the lovely ‘party tea’ enjoyed with my family on Sunday. A special tradition in my family, party tea involves quiche, several types of salad, falafel, cold meats, bread and pate – you can’t beat it! My sister made a delicious strawberry cake too – scrumptious!

What party tea would be complete without a quiche?

Just time now for some hangover curing homemade burgers and a splash of local fizz, Cottonwoth Rose…

Have a good week!


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