Birthday Celebrations

This has been my birthday weekend (yes I ususally like to dedicate a few days to the celebration of my birth!)…I have to say it’s been lovely, I have some amazing friends and family who made it very special.

Happy Birthday to me!

For a family outing we paid visit to the Jane Austen house museum in Chawton, which was wonderful. I’ve lived not far from Jane Austen’s home for a long time but never actually stepped inside it. I’m sure many people have been to the house, so will know how well preserved it is and how magical it is to see and touch possesions that belonged to Jane herself, but it took me somewhat by surprise. I didn’t realise how moving an experience the visit would be, it felt strange to be moving through rooms that she would have once wandered though and I couldn’t get over being in the presence of her actual little writing table! I have so much respect for Jane Austen, she’s cleverer than many people give her credit for. Her books are not just silly romance and marriage – they really expose the difficult situation that women of her time faced!

Beautiful day for a trip to Jane Austen’s house
I’m in Jane’s bedroom! Imagine the dreams and thoughts this room has seen…

We finished our visit off with some much needed refreshment at Cassandra’s Cup, the tea room opposite. I enjoyed  lovely pot of lapsang and my favourite, a prawn marie rose sandwich. All in all a lovely day out!

Probably the best place to open a tea room in England!

In the evening I was treated to dinner at the Black Rat, which was fabulous. The food simply could not have been better, from start to finish the whole experience was a delight. Beautiful food and wine followed by a bit of bubbly in one of the cosy upstairs rooms – splendid!

Spot on!

All the over indulgence did lead to me falling asleep before any post midnight pressie opening could take place, but I was up bright and early the next day to rectify that! I got a whole host of lovely things from those I love…

My beautiful birthday hoard!

From the beautiful birthday cake baked by my wonderful sister…

Looks good, tastes good!

Through to the  amazing selection of birthday cards currently decorating my lounge…

Like bunting for the window sill…

A big loving thank you goes out to everyone who made my birthday special!


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