My Winchester

Some people may have spotted me in the Hampshire Chronicle’s ‘My Winchester’ column talking about my favourite things in the city. The experience got me thinking why not write an extended version for FoodTeaLife? You can only say so much in a short column and anyone who knows me will know I always have a lot to say about Winchester! I thought I’d alter the questions too, here goes…

Best place to get a cup of tea in Winchester:

Pitfield, The Bridge Patisserie, The Forte Tea Rooms and Ginger Two.

Best Desserts in Winchester:

Moments Gelato is pretty amazing. The Plough at Sparsholt’s dessert menu has all my favourites though.

Best Place for drinks with friends:

My house?! …and the Black Bottle

 Best place for alfresco eating and picnics:

The water meadows, far less crowded than the Cathedral Grounds

Best beer garden:

The Queen Inn has a great garden but also the Black Boy is pretty good for heaters and coverings in case it rains (you’ve got to consider these things!)

Best walk in Winchester:

Around the water meadows or St. Giles Hill

Perfect evening in Winchester:

Some of the best evenings are the spontaneous ones, so you can’t plan those. An evening at Winchester’s cinema is usually very nice though, you can have wine with the film just like you would at home!

Best place to celebrate  a special occasion:

For a special occasion the outside tables at the Black Rat are lovely.

Favourite Winchester tourist attraction:

The Christmas Market!


…So there you have it, My Winchester. What are your favourite things about Winchester? I’d love to know yours answers.






Author: missdaze

I'm all about cups of tea, cheese & wine, vintage bits & pieces, writing things, my pet parrot & Tom.

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