Food Art

I’m working with someone who creates beautiful cakes at the moment and it’s really got me thinking about food as art. From Latte Art Championships for Baristas to the delightful culinary artworks of Ida Frosk (she’s amazing!) – food is an art medium all of its own.

Here are some fabulous cakes I snapped at a recent visit to the trade show Hotelympia (terrible photography as usual from me)…


Best wedding cake ever! Pirate themed perfection.


Truly a work of art!

Truly a work of art!

Another beautiful cake, I love the cherry blossom detail

Another beautiful cake, I love the cherry blossom detail

Pretty amazing aren’t they?! And to think, I’m usually just happy if I dish I’ve created turns out vaguely looking like it does in the recipe picture! That doesn’t happen all that often. However, all the inspirational food art I’ve seen lately has got me thinking I just might start working on my food presentation a little more where I can. After all we do so often eat with our eyes first don’t we? I doubt I’ll be creating anything you could call a work of art any time soon though. So…if you have any special food presentation tips, do share them with me!




You need this drink in your life!

I’m a big fan of the Arizona Iced Tea range, so I was delighted when I came across something I’d not tried from them on Ocado…

10161-0w300h300__Arizona_Iced_Tea_Arizona_Lite_Black_Tea_Lemon_Drink 83123011_0_640x640

Love the design and let me tell you it tastes as good as it looks! Delicious iced tea with added lemonade, a lovely, oh-so-refreshing pick me up. Ideal as we head into the summer months too. Seriously, it’s SO good.

I get mine from Ocado but you can buy online and other places by visiting

Can’t wait to order some more!