A little about me…


I’m a Hampshire lady, enjoying everything it has to offer (especially the food!)…You may find me talking about tea, recipes, wine, restaurants, vintage and retro finds, as well as making occasional attempts at creative writing. My focus is the local food scene, although if I find something I love elsewhere I’ll always write about it – whether it’s a fondue in France or a lobster in London – it’s all here! Essentially this is my space to talk about the things I enjoy.

If you love talking about food too follow me on Twitter: @Franini_Daze or Instagram: francescahelenx

Get in touch: I’m always happy to hear about local and national food & lifestyle news email me on: foodtealife (at) gmail (dot) com.

I’m always open to review opportunities, events or just a general chat – so don’t be shy!


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