Biscuit Heaven with Lotus Biscoff

I was absolutely delighted when I received this box full of Lotus Biscuit goodness! Like most of you, I know and love the sweet little red biscuits that so often come with a cup of coffee – but I had never tried the now famous Lotus Biscoff Spread, or the new Chocolate Lotus Biscuits. So the last few weeks have been absolute biscuit heaven as I’ve munched my way through this box of biscuit joy.

Lotus Biscoff Biscuts and Biscoff Spread

A box full of biscuit treats

I’ve found that enjoying my morning coffee with a Lotus biscuit really brightens the day, making me feel like I’m somewhere far fancier than my home office.

The handy Biscoff Pocket Packs and little packs of Chocolate Lotus Biscuits have been fab to pop in my bag for busy days too. Here I am enjoying them on a recent train journey to London…

Lotus Biscoff with Chocolate

A treat for the train journey

I guess many of you will want to hear about the Biscoff spread, which is known to be so addictively good that I’ve even heard it referred to as ‘crack in jar’. After sampling both the smooth and crunchy varieties of the spread, I can indeed confirm that it is that good – you’ll go in for a tiny teaspoonful as a treat and it won’t be enough…you find yourself stopping at the third spoonful and that’s before you’ve even spread it on anything. It is super sweet, so works well on bagels and fruit toast, as well as on a pancake.

The ridiculously tempting Lotus Biscoff Spreads

The ridiculously tempting Lotus Biscoff Spreads

I was intrigued about possibilities for cooking and baking with the spread, that sweet caramelised flavour could work so well in a range of desserts…cheese cake, bread and butter pudding, tiramisu to name a few. I visited the Lotus Biscuits website and was pleased to find a whole range of recipes to choose from, so this weekend I got my bake on and attempted some chocolate brownies with Biscoff centres. I (loosely) followed this recipe from the website.

Brownie Mix, which you then add balls of Biscoff to!

Brownie Mix, which you then add balls of Biscoff to

I chose a nice simple recipe that I knew would go down well. Essentially it was a case of making chocolate brownies in the usual way and creating some Biscoff balls out of the spread to dot into the brownie mixture. You create the balls by adding powered sugar and I used a little flour too, so that they form a dough like texture. Once baked you get lovely gooey brownies with a tasty Biscoff centre! Mmmmm….

Tucking into a tasty brownie with a Biscoff centre

Tucking into a tasty brownie with a Biscoff centre

The biscuity brownie smell that filled the house was amazing!

There were plenty more recipes on the website, I particularly liked the idea of using it in cheesecake or cake icing. As I’ve still got some spread left (a real exercise in self control!), I’ll definitely be having a go at a few more recipes too. Watch this space for more.

Take a look at to explore the full range of Biscoff goodies and where to buy them from.

…Right, I’m off for my daily cappuccino and Biscoff break now xXx



How Social Media is Changing Our Emotional Relationship with Food?

As a blogger, obsessive instagrammer and huge food lover I am interested in how social media is affecting my relationship with food and the way I experience it. If you’re as interested as I am check out the details of this event I’ll be at (working!)….

How Social Media is Changing Our Emotional Relationship with Food:

Digital Blonde will chair a thought-provoking event at the Telegraph Media Group during Social Media Week, exploring how social media is changing our emotional relationship with food.

25th September Free to Attend Social Media Week Panel Discussion #SMWFoodPsych

The event will exclusively reveal the results of a series of psychological experiments from a food tasting event held days earlier and hosted by Artizian Catering, creators of FOODOLOGY®.

An expert panel chaired by Digital Blonde Karen Fewell, author of forthcoming book #FoodPorn, will discuss and deliberate the findings with the aim of understanding more about how consumers today experience food.

The panel will also explore how the sharing of these experiences in a social media context is changing consumer beliefs around food, eating and health as well as what affect this ultimately has on food purchasing decisions. The event is set to be a lively and thought-provoking occasion. There will be plenty of opportunities to have your say, ask questions and speak to panellists in more detail too.

This unique panel event will appeal to everyone from chefs and caterers to foodies, food brands and marketing and digital teams. In short, anyone interested in understanding how social media is changing our relationship with food should save the date.

On the Panel
Nathalie Nahai – The Web Psychologist @TheWebPsych
Sam Michel – Director of Chinwag @ToodlePip
Ed Butcher – Head of Online at Square Meal @SquareMeal
Rob Kurz – Foodologist® @robbiekurz
Tracey Fairclough – Commercial Director at Artizian Catering @TAFairclough
Chef – to be announced shortly

It’s free to attend so why not visit the Eventbrite page and register now? See you there! xXx