Lapsang Souchong…Marmite of the tea world

Right now it’s perfect weather for sipping Lapsang S0uchong  tea! I’m enjoying a soothing cupful right now. Okay, so there was only a little attempt a snow here in Winchester and it certainly wasn’t the foot deep snow experience other parts of the country have seen – still it’s felt bitterly cold out!

Anyone tea lovers who haven’t yet braved a cup of Lapsang should try it – it’s a bit of a Marmite in the tea world, people seem to detest it or adore it – but I’m definitely a Lapsang lover. It’s a smoky black tea, I believe the leaves are smoke-dried, which gives the distinct strong flavour. For me it feels like drinking an excellent cup of tea whilst stood by a warming bonfire. It smells amazing too, I find a lot of people won’t drink it but they love the smell of it.

Twinings make a lovely Lapsang Souchong blend – so if I’ve made you at all curious about this smoky tea I’d recommend trying this. I drink  mine like Earl Grey with a little dash of milk.

Author: missdaze

I'm all about cups of tea, cheese & wine, vintage bits & pieces, writing things, my pet parrot & Tom.

3 thoughts

    1. Nice to find another Lapsang Lover!! Thank you for your comments – I’ll have to try calling it ‘ Lap Dog Shoe Snog’…I quite like that!

      I am indeed a bit of a tea enthusiast and will certainly be checking out the tea guide (will share it with my tea-loving friends too!)

      Love the Tea & Sympathy blog as well 🙂


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