In Nature’s New Red Rose Tea – My Review

I think you all know how much I love tea, so I was absolutely delighted to be contacted by the lovely people at In Nature, who make high grade pure flower tea. They’ve just launched four new teas and very kindly sent me a box of their brand new Red Rose Black Tea to try. And what a beautiful box it was! I was like a child at Christmas when the post came…

What a lovely treat to find in the post…a beautiful box of tea!

Opening the lovely box to reveal the bag loose leaf tea inside was rather exciting and made quite an occasion of making a nice weekend cup of tea, especially with the five detailed steps to follow on brewing the perfect cup of tea. Yes, the tea also came with a little printed leaflet all about tea and a guide to brewing – it even taught me a thing or two! For instance, I had no idea that making a second cup of tea from the same tea leaves a the first cup actually tastes even better, but I gave it a try and found this statement to be true, what a wonderful discovery!

I opened the box to find some fragrant loose leaf tea and an interesting little leaflet all about tea

I could write more about the interesting little leaflet, which came with all sorts of extra information including the many health benefits of tea, but I guess I should get down to business and talk about the tea itself…

Brewing my cup of In Nature’s new Red Rose Tea

The Red Rose Tea had an intense earthy aroma that reminded of being in a garden on windy day and inhaling the scent of a variety of flowers and plants. It had a wonderful dark, but sweet flavour, quite rich and full-bodied (yes I just described a tea as ‘full bodied’ – just go with me on this!). As it was a black tea I had mine with a little bit of skimmed milk, but if it didn’t necessarily need this, if you drink your earl gray black you’d enjoy this tea black too. Overall I found this fragrant tea very soothing to sip on wet and windy evening.

Ahh…lovely tea

Now I must advise that this tea will be a little different if you’ve only ever enjoyed tea made with standard teabags before. In Nature teas are all imported directly from China and are completely pure, with nothing added and this definitely comes across in the flavour of the tea. If you’re unused to loose leaf teas or more traditional tea from China, the taste may be a little strange at first but it is quite pleasant, you get a real sense that you are drinking something natural and good for you. My partner Tom does business in China and is sometimes given tea to bring home and there’s just something about the taste of the tea, it’s like you’re tasting hundreds of years of tradition in a cup.

Tradition in a cup

I urge you to try give proper pure Chinese tea a try if you haven’t before. Before the people at In Nature contacted me I wouldn’t have known where to buy such high quality tea from China, but now I’m happy to recommend them – so check out their website to find out more. They’ve got quite a variety of special blends, even the famous Puerh Tea (drunk by Victoria Beckham for it’ health properties!). Right now there’s even a special offer on – throughout October you’ll receive a free box of Floral Oolong Tea with every order!

So go forth tea lovers and enjoy…I think I might just indulge in a little tea shopping  spree myself at

Off to put the kettle on!


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