Dining at WestQuay – The Opening

If you’ve done your Christmas shopping already and paid a visit to WestQuay then you might have noticed some of it’s new eateries, including Pizza Express, Wagamama and Cafe Rouge, all ideal for a bit of retail relief and refuelling! The official opening of the new dining experience at WestQuay took place last Thursday, I went along to check out all the action (and free food!).

Nice bit of free blueberry cupcake from Delightful Cupcakes!

The highlight was front row seats to see Aldo Zilli cook up a three course meal…I never knew how simple it was to make pasta without a machine! I’ll definitely be giving homemade pasta more of a go after watching Aldo’s demonstration. He also highlighted just how much pasta is enough and how most of us use way too much! So that was a little bit of an eye opener! It was amazing to watch though, the dessert was my favourite…a yummy panettone with fruits and dessert wine – something I hope to dish up soon.

Aldo Zilli cooking up a storm!

The free samples from Millie’s Cookies, Dream Cupcakes and more were also fab, along with the chance to win a gorgeous retro fridge and year’s worth of lunches at WestQuay.

Thanks to the folks at WestQuay for the invite!

Author: missdaze

I'm all about cups of tea, cheese & wine, vintage bits & pieces, writing things, my pet parrot & Tom.

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