Top Tea Review: The London Tea Company

I  am in absolute tea heaven at the moment thanks to the lovely people at The London Tea Company! Over the past few weeks I’ve been busy sampling a selection of their wonderful blends, so I thought I’d tell you about some of my favourites from the range.

I was so excited to receive such a wonderful selection of teas from The London Tea Company

Firstly let me say it’s a great range, with classic blends like Earl Grey and Darjeeling but also some delightfully different ones too including White Tea Pear Tatin and my favourite Peach & Rhubarb. So there’s definitely something to suit everyone!

I’ll start with a classic and firm favourite in my household, the London Breakfast blend. If you like a strong, flavoursome cup of tea to kick off your morning I highly recommend this one. It’s a rich and malty Assam tea that I find helps de-mist my sleepy mind with every sip. It’s definitely become a permanent fixture in my morning routine.

Sweet-toothed tea drinkers will love the Vanilla Chai blend, which is just bursting with sweetness and spice. Inhaling it is sheer delight, each tea bag gives off an exotic aroma of vanilla, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. I tried pairing this tea with hot frothed milk to make a delicious chai latte style drink, a lovely treat that I highly recommend!


The London Tea Company’s Peach & Rhubarb Infusion has the most amazing scent. As a little girl my family grew our own rhubarb so I grew up eating a fair bit of it and I’ve always loved the sharp, sweetness of it. I had never heard of it being used in a tea infusion before though, so was really excited to try it (especially with the wonderful smell). I’m pleased to report it tasted as good as it smelt, refreshing and fruity – it was like summer in a cup. This would be a fabulous served chilled as an iced tea too I think (must do this!).


A close contender for my favourite blend was the Raspberry Inferno, it certainly tastes as lively and full of flavour as it sounds. Fairtrade Hibiscus brings this blend to life, giving the bright red colour and working so well with the fresh, fruity berry flavours. This is perfect for summer evenings when I find myself still wanting to drink tea (when do I not?!) but know that I shouldn’t be having caffeine so late in the day.


Back to another classic blend now, Earl Grey. I always think you can judge a tea brand by its earl grey, it’s sort of a benchmark for me. We drink a lot of it in my family and I’m very partial to it (I drink it at least once or twice a day!). I particularly enjoyed the earl grey from the London Tea Company, it was wonderfully fragrant and refreshing, without being overly perfumed (as some earl grey blends can be). There’s a lovely citrus note to the tea too, a quick look at the flavour notes tells me that the blend includes natural bergamot and lemon, orange and grapefruit peel to give this flavour. I think this is an earl grey tea which will please both the purists who drink it black with lemon, and, the many people who prefer it with a little milk.


I also really enjoyed The London Tea Company’s Green Tea Tropical too. I found it light and delicate but equally packing a bit of a tropical punch with fruity flavours an real ginger. If you think you don’t like green tea, give this a try, I think you’ll be surprised – it’s a pleasure to sip!


I think there’s just enough time to squeeze in another tea mention for the Zingy Lemon & Ginger tea too. This is certainly a zesty one, full of the warmth of pure Fairtrade ginger root, lemongrass and lemon. It would definitely warm your cockles on a dreary day.


Although it feels as if I’ve written reams, this is actually just a mere snapshot of the blends available from The London Tea Company – there’s also Morroccan Mint, Rooibos, Pure Camomile, Sencha Green Tea and lots more! I recommend a visit to their website to have browse. They also have a brilliant collection of tea gifts on their website too, always a perfect pressie I find.

I must also add that all the blends from The London Tea Company are Fairtrade too, which is certainly reassuring when you drink as much tea as I do! I’m personally trying to really think more about where my food comes from and the quality of it. So it’s nice to know that their tea is ethically sourced and that as a company they take this so seriously. It just means I can enjoy every sip even more.

All that’s left is to say is a big thank you to The London Tea Company for sending me so many of their delightful teas to try, it’s been an absolute pleasure working my way through the range.

Off to put the kettle on!



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