Swiss & Italian Lakes Road Trip

This summer we drove from the UK to France, to Interlaken in Switzerland and on to our final destination of Lake Como for a few days, before heading back to France and the UK.

I’d love to improve my French

While we only had a limited time in France, I really enjoying (trying to) speak the language. I’m lucky that we learnt at primary school as well as secondary school, so it’s sort of lodged in that long term part of my brain and the basics come fairly easily to me. I do long to spend some more time there to try and properly pick up speaking French.

I didn’t spend much time dwelling on France though because we were soon in beautiful Switzerland. The country that truly holds my heart! It’s just stunning and the elegant Victoria Jungfrau Hotel, where we spent a few nights, did not disappoint. This hotel was pure old fashioned glamour and the views of Interlaken were perfect. I couldn’t imagine a better place to wake up on my 30-something-th birthday!

How I started my day – with gorgeous birthday cake made for me by the Victoria Jungfrau Hotel in Interlaken.

We were lucky with some warm weather and so, I persuaded everyone to accompany me swimming in a Swiss lake – something I had been wanting to do for a long time! I was thrilled to get the opportunity to take a dip in this stunning lake on my birthday. Though it was cold (16 degrees!! But that sort of forces you to keep swimming), the views and scenery were magical. It was a perfect birthday.

I could have stayed for weeks but after a few nights, we moved on wards to Italy and eventually arrived in Lake Como. We were lucky enough to stay at the Grand Hotel Tremezzo. This was another hotel brimming with vintage glamour from a by gone era, everywhere you looked there were divine, decadent interiors or stunning views of Lake Como. 

Leaving out the part where I got sick in Italy (not for the first time in Italy either I might add!)…it was a magical trip, we packed a lot into just over a week. There’s still so many beautiful parts of Europe I’d love to explore – here’s to more adventures!

The family relaxing in front of a stunning Lake Como view

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