Meat free meals for meat eaters!

I’m not a fully-fledged veggie, vegan or even pescatarian (though I do opt for fish over meat most of the time). However, I do firmly believe the future has to be more plant-based. Eating meat every day isn’t good for us (especially red meat and processed meats) but more importantly is that is isn’t sustainable either (watch Cowspiracy people!). Of course, this message wasn’t the easiest to deliver to my meat-eating husband, but with a few carefully planned veggie meals he’s agreed to eating a few more of these each week. Woohoo! So, what were these magical plant-based options? Read on to find out…

HECK Bollywood Bites


I’ve just discovered these in Waitrose and they’re delicious! I’d say they’re like curry-spiced stuffing balls, only no meat. Served with brown rice and stir-fried veggies, a cucumber raita dip – this went down a treat!

Sweet potato coconut curry


There’s something about the combination of sweet potato and coconut that really works. They internet is full of recipes, I like this one. Or I’m partial to just combining a little Blue Dragon Red Thai Curry Paste with half fat coconut milk and some almond butter for a quick tasty sauce. Pack the curry with lots of other veggies like mushrooms, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and you’ve got lots of lovely texture with each mouthful.



Okay, so being egg- based this isn’t the most sustainable dish, but baby steps, it’s an exercise in getting meat eaters to realise veggie meals can be very nice and filling. Plus, all the egg means it’s high I protein, so it’s good for gym goers. You can pop almost anything in your Frittata, I like mushrooms, Pappadew peppers, spinach, onion, broccoli and sometimes a little cheese. Herbs and spices and even curry powder are good additions here too – experiment until you get your perfectly flavoured Frittata! Or, there are some really great ready-made ones available on the super market shelves, I LOVE the ones by Higgidy.

Pulled Jackfruit Burger

Jackfruit is from the tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Brazil and Africa. It is technically a fruit, but it has a consistency similar to that of chicken or pork. It has a fairly neutral taste, so it takes on the flavour of the sauce or seasoning you cook it with. It really is surprisingly meaty! When you pull it all apart and cook it in a barbeque style sauce it’s very similar to pulled pork. A bit of effort was required to get the consistency and flavour right, I followed this recipe from Ocado which worked pretty well. The effort was worthwhile though as the resulting burgers we’re really good!

What are your meat-free miracle dishes?

Those are four dishes currently going down well in my household…I’d love to hear more suggestions of yummy meat-free options that will please and satisfy meat-eaters!


The crab’s claw and more…

I’ve been busy doing some really fun foodie things this week, including meeting and photographing several south coast fishermen for something that’s very new and exciting! Can’t tell you about it yet, but watch this space for some fantastic local foodie news. Okay so I didn’t actually take any photos myself…I left that to the professionals but had a really good time meeting some local fishermen and chefs…I even saw a crab detach its own claw! Never witnessed that in person before, quite a funny sight…not for the poor crab though, it obviously thought its life was in danger…which, well, it was.

Poor crab...

Moving on…

How great are piccolo tomatoes? Seriously I am loving them at the moment, can’t get enough. Do you know the ones I mean? If you don’t…buy some! They’re truly the sweetest, loveliest tomatoes you can get…I just googled them and it would appear I’m not the only one in love with these little red lovelies, they seem to have quite a following. Might look into growing some.

'Plumptious Beauties'...As Nigella would say!

Wine notes time now… I recently enjoyed a lovely meal at the Chesil Rectory which was delicious (must do a write up – highly recommended!). During our visit we enjoyed two bottles of an amazing locally produced sparkling wine, it was sensational! I love a good sparkling rosé and this was honestly every bit as nice as one of my favourites, Laurent Perrier Rosé …and a heck of a lot more reasonable in price! I really don’t know much more about this fabulous wine other than it’s a Hampshire wine named Cottonworth Rose – I intend to find out more though! I do also happen to know you can get it through local company Wine Utopia …just in case I’ve got anyone else interested in trying it.

Love a sparkling rose!


Fab meal enjoyed at the Chesil Rectory - highly recommended!