Fun & Fromage in Les Deux Alpes

A little while ago I went to Les Deux Alpes where I enjoyed some fantastic local dishes, drank some lovely wines, suffered a few hangovers…oh and did a bit of skiing, only a bit though, it was all about the fromage for me really.

Here’s our trip in pictures (thank you to Tom and Joe for most of these!)

The hotel…

Hotel Cote Brune - Highly Recommended

Adorable Alpine Chic Bedrooms!

A beautiful and perfectly located hotel, with friendly staff, good food and peaceful spa area.

The wine…(six bottles between five on the first evening)…*sore heads*

A lot of this lovely mountain wine was consumed

The Food…

Cheese heaven!

Escargot...garlicky goodness

Plenty of meat and hot stone cooking took place...

Crepes - a ski trip must!

Tartiflette - a delicious local speciality made with cheese, potatoes, bacon bits, get the idea!

The world's smallest salad (and this was a starter!)

Last but definitely not least it’s the raclette, heaven for cheese lovers like me…can you believe it…I’d never actually had one before this trip! To order a raclette there must be at least two people to enjoy it (partly why I’d never had one before)…So I’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thanks to Joe for manning up and sharing a raclette with me! It was awesome… in fact it was so awesome and exciting  that I forgot to take a photo…so here’s a picture very much resembling our raclette experience courtesy of Google Images…


Fromage Fantastique!

The Best Restaurant…

Crepes A GoGo - quirky, fun and good quality food...I cannot rate this restaurant highly enough!

Oh and the slopes…

Here I am taking in the beautiful scenery

Great memories of a great trip!


Prawn, Salmon & Mushroom Lasagne

Here’s a yummy pescetarian recipe I mish mashed together in the kitchen this evening and it turned out to be quite delightful…

Prawn, Salmon & Mushroom Lasagne ingredients (not that many!)…

– Cooked & peeled prawns (you could cook up raw ones or use frozen)

– Mushrooms (obviously!)

– Creme Fraiche

– Garlic salt

– Dill (dried is fine)

– Smoked salmon pate (you could use actual Smoked Salmon – this was all I had!)

– Marscapone cheese

– Splash of white wine

– Parmesan cheese

– Pre-made lasagne sheets

You can probably guess what to do just from looking at the list above, but here’s how I cobbled them together…

Firstly I fried the mushrooms in a little butter, white wine, dill and garlic salt, then mixed in the Creme Fraiche to make a creamy consistency and added the prawns at the last minute. Then I layered the mixture  in a baking tray with the lasagne sheets, adding smoked salmon and marscapone cheese to the other layers and topping off with Parmesan cheese. Popped it in the oven until the cheese was golden brown (about 25 mins) and then Tom and I promptly demolished it!

Brown Rice, The Bugle, Disaronno and dreams of Bray…

Ok so it’s been a little quiet on FoodTeaLife of late, all the post Christmas trying to be healthy stuff just hasn’t been worth writing about… is anyone interested in wholemeal pasta recipes, brown rice and protein rich meals? Didn’t think so – although if I do manage to create any magically delicious dinners that are also super healthy – I will of course post the recipes (but don’t hold your breath for that).

Mmmm brown rice...

It’s mostly been soup for dinner of late, but I was lucky enough to eat out twice this week, which brought some much needed variety and wine-drinking back into the regime! So this week I’ve enjoyed seafood at the Chestnut Horse in Easton (highly recommended) and a fabulous meal at The Bugle Inn, Twyford last night. The Bugle was excellent as always, with a some really interesting dishes on the menu – I thoroughly enjoyed my main course of mackerel on toast with horseraddish cream, simple but spot on. Winchester folks it is well worth the ten minute taxi journey to The Bugle for some great local grub.

Well worth a visit!

Unfortunately (for my head today) last night was finished off with several Disaronnos on ice, so eloquent words to describe the rest of the meal, the food and the generally delightful atmosphere are somewhat failing me right now. As a result of the Amaretto and White Wine party taking place in my head today…a full on carb-fest was required for lunch when I met my lovely mother and sister in Winchester earlier on.

So delicious at the time...

Last night we did however manage to make some exciting plans to visit Bray to enjoy the whole Heston Blumenthal experience – I of course plan to hold Tom to these drunkenly-made plans! Naturally I have already chosen accommodation already and will continue to pester him about making this foodie pilgrimage (I’ve just shown him how close it is on Google Maps).

It's only an hour away...

Ooh time for so some wine notes (these won’t be a regular occurrence on FoodTeaLife!) – I’m not a huge red wine lover (sacarildge I know – but it just doesn’t like me very much) – but I am hearing rave reviews of Chateauneuf du Pape, so I think even I could be persuaded to try a glass…

Time to red wine again?

I seem to have wandered into the territory of talking about things I want to eat and drink and now feel rather hungry, so I’ll leave this post here…lots to look forward to though, including a return to The Black Rat and of course more soup making!