Emotions, Emojis and Food Fuse for Digital Blonde Social Media Week Event

You may not know that this week is Social Media Week, so here’s a look at a free foodie event that may interest some of you. It’s certainly going to be keeping me busy…

Digital Blonde Social Media Week London Emoji Event
Emojis, emotions and food…find out more during Social Media Week London

Social Media Week London (14th – 18th September) will see a fantastic free event hosted by Karen Fewell, Founder of Digital Blonde and The Food Marketing School. Taking place on Thursday 17th September, 4pm – 6pm this special panel event will delve deeper into the emotions surrounding eating and emoji use, exploring what this means for food marketing.

According to Digital Blonde research*, emojis might be more important in marketing than first thought. When asked what they thought about brands using emojis, the number one response from UK adults was that the company in question was ‘fun and lively’. And, when it came to the reasons people shared food emojis, the responses ranged from showing off about dinner plans to pride in their own cooking or baking and even flirting.

An exclusive experiment on the Monday of Social Media Week will explore what affect new forms of language like emojis may have on our relationship with food. The experiment also aims to look at the overall role of technology when it comes to eating out and food purchasing decisions, asking whether it is potentially detrimental to the way we experience food. The full research conclusions are to be revealed at Thursday’s panel event. Set to be a unique and lively debate, the occasion promises to both inform and surprise the audience.

Best of all, the event takes place in a traditional Young’s pub, The Lamb Tavern, in London’s Leadenhall market. Designed to put the ‘social’ back in to social media, the panel session will have a fun and intimate atmosphere, with attendees gathered around pub tables rather than formal theatre style seating.

So whether you’re an emoji enthusiast, novice or non-believer, the Digital Blonde debate will certainly give you something to think about. The event hopes to delve deeper into the increasingly intimate relationship between food and technology and explore the topics such as how to humanise food marketing. It’s ideal for everyone from chefs and caterers to foodies, food brands and marketing and digital teams. In short, anyone interested in understanding the relationships between food, human emotion and social media should save the date.

The event is free to attend but you must register to attend by visiting the eventbrite page at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/food-emotions-emojis-tickets-18450214087

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